Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Partial Floor Plans I Have Designed Part 2

Previously, I wrote an article featuring a rough sketch of some floor plans I designed for fun. In that post I said I would post again if I got back to it to show the progress I have made, so here it is. Only the first floor is finished, but you can see the floor plans below. The mansion is 15,203 square feet so far, and it includes a formal dining room, billiards room, library, guest quarters, his and her private offices, a conservatory, gym, wine cellar, multiple bars, an elevator, and underground parking. Look below for floor plans. Click here to see my previous post featuring these floor plans.
Also, I started on another very similar floor plan which serves as a revised version of the first one. This one offers larger rooms and a layout that 'flows' better in my opinion. Although unfinished, the first floor of this house offers 17,718 square feet so far, a library, maid's quarters (unfinished), his and her private offices (unfinished), multiple bars, a formal dining room, theater, 16-car garage, billiards room, and a 2 bedroom guest quarters with its own private kitchen and living area. Look below for the floor plans.

To make these floor plans, I use Chief Architect Home Designer (version 9.0). I don't remember how much it costs, but here is their website if you're interested. Also, below are a few other home design products by Chief Architect and some other companies.

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  1. I usually preffer classical floor plans, but this one I like. For my own taste I might want to change a few things, but you have done a good work with it, and be proud of it!


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