Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Partial Floor Plans I Have Designed

Since I have not done a post in a while, today I am going to do something a little different. I designed these floor plans a few months ago for fun and I decided to post them here. The program I used was Chief Architect Home Designer (9?) and it actually did not take long to make these. However as you can probably tell by looking at them they are nowhere near finished and have a lot of blank spots in them, along with the whole left side of the house missing.
You might also be able to tell by looking at these floor plans that I am by no means an architect and don't have a lot of practice in designing houses. But I decided to give it a try. If ever finished, which I might post again if I do finish it, it would be around 30,000-40,000 square feet. The plan is based off of many houses which I will post below. The labels of the rooms are hard to see in the image but they are for the most part self-expanotory. The blank space below the kitchen will be a laundry room, powder room, storage and other utility rooms but I don't know yet. The left wing of the house is not designed yet but it will comprise of a home office, library, exercise room, and a very large master suite. The master suite will be pretty similar to the one in the house below, which I have already done a post on and you can see it HERE.

The overall layout of the house was inspired by a mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona, which I have also done a post on already. The floor plan of that house is very similar to this one, although I had some of my floor plan finished before I knew about this house so it is kind of ironic they are so similar. The billiard room, butler's pantry, breakfast nook, and bar are the areas I included from this house plan even though it looks like more. Click HERE to see my post on that house.
The exterior of the house I designed would be mediterranean and would probably be located somewhere near Los Angeles. This house in Florida is one of my favorite houses in the US and I got most of the exterior inspiration from it. You can see this with the large tower as the foyer and the smaller tower to the right, along with the 2-story living room in the back. Click HERE to see my post on that mansion.

As you can see after viewing all of the houses I got my inspiration from, the floor plans are more of a compilation of plans from other houses than plans I designed myself, but they have some of my own ideas as well. So far that is all I have on my little project I have been working on and I hope this post wasn't confusing. If anyone has any opinions or input on the floor plans or what I could do to improve on them post a comment, it would be very interesting to hear what people think.

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