Monday, October 8, 2012

Update on The Construction of Pensmore, The 70,000 Square Foot Missouri Estate

Pensmore is an enormous mansion currently being constructed in the Ozarks. It's over 72,000 square feet and is said to have 13 bedrooms and 13-15 bathrooms. When completed in 2013, the estate will be a traditional French style and will be constructed completely out of concrete. This post will serve as an update to the construction of the mansion. Below are some videos to show the progress that has been made on the construction of the building. For more information on Pensmore, click the link below to go to it's official website.


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    1. Yes! This building has been funded by our government and has been kept quiet for years. When the end of time comes the big heads of the government will have somewhere to hide out. Look underneath the building you will find bunkers and food storage areas. Same as the "New World Airport" in Denver. The residents of Denver did not even want this airport but for some reason the government not only built it anyways, but spent an unimaginable amount of money on the place. Look at the artwork on the walls.. all having to do with killing Jewish people. The airport is an international airport plus just look at the name "New World" .. do not trust the governent, do your own research..


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