Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Are The Most Desirable American Real Estate Locations?

This article looks at various examples of luxury real estate in North America, and how they are ideal for both permanent residence as well as vacation purposes.

Owning Luxury Real Estate

There are many positives linked to owning a luxury piece of American real estate. Whether it is for housing a large family, enjoying what years of hard work has now enabled you to own, or somewhere to go on vacation, owning luxury real estate gives a feel good feeling that few experiences can match.

While the falling price of luxury real estate means it is more accessible to greater numbers of people than ever before, it still remains at a premium and will cost top dollar to buy high-end land or a home. For those with the financial influence, there is a tendency to own a number of pieces of luxury real estate. In many cases, it is common for wealthy individuals to own an apartment or residence in urban areas, such as New York City, and also own a mansion that they use as their vacation retreat.

Where is the best luxury real estate to be found across America?

In terms of luxury apartments, it is difficult to look beyond the West Side of Manhattan for the very best examples of real estate. The high-class standards of living are reflected in the prices, with the most desirable apartments overlooking Central Park starting from $7 million. This part of the country has proven somewhat unique in recent years. Not only for the unrivalled views and for opportunities to get around the city, but this luxury real estate was not negatively influenced by huge drops in prices. In fact, prices continued to increase in an environment where maintaining a stable value would have been viewed a success.

Luxury apartments and condominiums such as these are among the most desirable places to live in the entire world.

Vacation Homes

Staying on the East Coast, some of the very best examples of real estate for vacations are to be found in the state of Connecticut. Whether it is the many luxury homes situated around sites such as Lake Gaillard, or mansions in other desirable locations such as Greenwich and New Haven, the state has some great places to spend a well-deserved break and many other great places to visit.

By finding luxury real estate at a great price, now could be an excellent time to invest in this property, for both American citizens, and those living abroad. As property prices in general will begin to increase again over the coming years, there is undoubtedly an opportunity to add or begin a property portfolio. These estates will be of particular interest to those who may find themselves priced out of the marked as prices begin to inflate once again.

This article is a guest post from Harworth Estates. Harworth Estates are one of the largest landowners in the UK. They provide residential and commercial properties, industrial units, offices and development land for sale.

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