Thursday, August 23, 2012

Contemporary Mansion in Russia, 22,604 Square Feet


This large and unusual contemporary mansion is located in Russia and it offers 22,604 square feet of living space. Constructed in 2012 out of wood, natural stone, and glass, this large mansion has a very modern feel. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a lounge, game room, indoor pool, central courtyard, spa, sauna, and even a staff apartment. The garage alone in this house is 6,400 square feet. Being located in Russia, I can't find the address, but you can look below for the listing.

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  1. In Russia there are dachas and cottages. Dachas are for poor people and cottages (or elite cottages) are for the elite. This cottage is on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe (Rublevko for short) highway in Zhukovka, not too far from the MKAD. Zhukovka is one of the most expensive cottage areas, and a heavily guarded one


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