Friday, August 31, 2012

A Look At Landry Design Group

Here are some of the many mansions designed by renowned Landry Design Group, based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by skilled architect Richard Landry, they specialize in designing both modern and classic styles of homes and have designed many famous mansions in the Los Angeles area.

Many of the houses in the exclusive community of Beverly Park were designed by the Landry Design Group, including Alec Gores' mega mansion, 40 Beverly Park, 42 Beverly Park, 72 Beverly Park, and 61 Beverly Park Ct. Below are some photos of each mansion in order. For more photos and houses designed by the Landry group, visit their website here. Also, Richard Landry has a 328-page hardcover book, Private Estates, that features many of the previous estates he designed, complete with photos, descriptions, and behind-the-gates looks at the renowned estates in Landry's portfolio. Look below for more information.

40 Beverly Park

42 Beverly Park

72 Beverly Park

61 Beverly Park Ct

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