Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enormous Mansions in Greenwich, Connecticut

 Greenwich, Connecticut is a well-known neighborhood, remembered for its large estates and wealthy residents. The town has countless oversized mansions, but after looking around a bit, I decided to post a few that really stood out from the others. Of course there are a lot of other notable mansions in the area, I just wanted to write about these two.

#1) 30 Crown Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut

 This enormous 31,642 square foot mansion is worth around $19,800,000. Owned by billionaire Steven Cohen, the 14 acre estate is noticeably larger than the surrounding mansions. It has 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, an indoor pool, golf course, and even an ice skating rink complete with a zamboni. Click the link below for another article.


#2) Valery Kogan's 39,000 square foot mansion

 Although never built, Russian millionaire Valery Kogan's mansion plans have received a lot of attention from neighbors and media. The proposed 39,000 square foot estate would have been the largest in Greenwich, and included 8 bedrooms, a jaw-dropping 26 bathrooms, gym with lockers, theater, wine cellar, staff quarters, multiple game rooms, and a dog grooming room in the huge basement. Due to too many complaints from neighbors and others, the plans for the 39,000 square foot mansion were never put into production. This didn't stop Valery and his wife Olga, though, because they later planned a newer, smaller mansion, totaling at around 17,429 square feet, with similar design aspects. The property is located at 18 Simmons Lane in Greenwich, CT. Click the link below for renderings of the smaller house along with another article.


*Above photo from http://dealbreaker.com/2009/06/update-hideous-greenwich-eyesore-will-not-be-seen-to-completion/


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